I love datasets…almost as much as I love the resulting viz. I’m also a really big fan of Open Data as I think it is essential for insight because simply put, the more people you have looking at the dataset, the more stories you can tell.

The Tableau Community is one of the best in terms of sharing information and knowledge and I want to contribute more to it. I feel like this will be another outlet for sharing and I would love to see more folks do it too.

Here’s my plan. I plan to share my raw datasource for every viz I publish on my blog. I will add a link to the bottom of each post as well as update the table below. If after looking at my viz, you want to take a stab at it or look at it from another angle, please feel free!

Link to Viz Link to Data
Music Makes the World Go ‘Round Data
Virtual Reality Data
Women’s History Month Data
MLB Home Run Tracker Data
Top 100 Restaurants in the World Data
Honor the Fallen Data
The Streak Data
Metallica Echonest Data
Mobile OS Usage Data
Ted Talks Data
Diamonds in the Rough Data
2014 Inc. 5000 List Data