NHL Attendance | #MakeoverMonday | 2019 | Week 1

2019 is here and with that, another year of #MakeoverMonday. I'm going to push myself to be more involved this year and stick with it. I'm not putting a number on it...for now 😉 So for this week, we've been given a dataset on the NHL attendance. You can check out all the details here.... Continue Reading →


Premier League Predictions

Sports predictions are pretty worthless but it gives us fans something to debate but there's no value and should not be trusted.

Worldwide Wine Production

After a small hiatus, I'm back. It was a good break but I'm excited to get back into this. It's week 14 of #MakeoverMonday and we're taking a look this chart and table on Worldwide Wine Production   What works well The title is good The units are shown. They are explained earlier in the PDF... Continue Reading →

Sydney Ferry Patronage – A Makeover

So here we are for the latest installment of #MakeoverMonday and this week we're diving into some open public data out of Sydney, Australia. Specifically, we are looking at the Sydney Ferry lines. In fact, the inspiration for the makeover actually comes from an existing Tableau Public dashboard that currently reports on these figures. Below... Continue Reading →

Mobile OS Market Share (2009-2014)

This is the first installment of my newly launched Tableau Public Resources Series The Data This data is from the Global Stats Stas Counter website. They are "a web analytics service who's code is written on more than 2.5 million sites globally." They an "independent company that provide unbiased stats on Internet activity." Basically, every time you... Continue Reading →

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