Tourism Density

For week 24 of #MakeoverMonday, we're looking at Tourism Density for select countries around the world. The data comes to us from Intrepid Travel. Here's how they originally visualized this data: What works well I like the panel/grid look They did a good job separating the two categories of countries There's a lot of text... Continue Reading →


INRIX Traffic Scorecard

For week 20 of #MakeoverMonday, we're looking at traffic data. Europe traffic data to be specific. Check out the original below: What works well Title Axis is labeled Contextual notes are footnoted Columns are easy to read What could be improved I'm constantly confused by the colors, I keep looking for a legend only to... Continue Reading →

Worldwide Wine Production

After a small hiatus, I'm back. It was a good break but I'm excited to get back into this. It's week 14 of #MakeoverMonday and we're taking a look this chart and table on Worldwide Wine Production   What works well The title is good The units are shown. They are explained earlier in the PDF... Continue Reading →

World Economic Freedom

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged about #MakeoverMonday. But I'm back for this week. This week we're looking at interesting dataset by the Fraser Institute who is responsible for determining and measuring the economic freedom of every country in the world. This is no small task. They score them on 5 different metrics... Continue Reading →

The MLB Racial Gap

February is going to be a busy month for the blog. Tableau is teaming up with other organizations and communities to help #VisualizeDiversity in honor of #BlackHistoryMonth. Week 1 - #MakeoverMonday Week 2 - Storytelling with Data Week 3 - #VizforSocialGood Week 4 - #DataforDemocracy So this first week we're looking at a visual from the... Continue Reading →

Household Income

Episode 3: Census Data ...And we're back for another week of #MakeoverMonday. This week we are looking at U.S. Census data! Yes, that deserves an exclamation point because this is such a rich and dense dataset that it, probably, the most widely used, no CITED, dataset in the U.S. I have no data to back... Continue Reading →

Looks vs Personality

Week 2 of Makeover Monday brings us survey data from that looks at how men and women rank 6 different characteristics on importance when looking for a romantic partner. Here is the original chart that inspired the makeover What works well I like the title, it's very descriptive The colors are nice and aren't... Continue Reading →

Chicken is King

So here we are. 2018 is here and so begins a new year of the popular dataviz community project, #MakeoverMonday. I'm putting my full amount of effort into completing all 52 weeks this year and blogging on at least half of them. So let's get started. American Meat consumption per capita by year. Here is a picture... Continue Reading →

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