Arctic ice is getting hot, hot, hot!

For week 15, we're looking at a very topical dataset. The National Snow & Ice Data Center has taken daily sea ice coverage measurements dating back to the late 1970's. Recently, they created the visual below from the data: What works well The time to insight is very low with this visual. I know exactly... Continue Reading →


Distracted Drivers

This year, acclaimed author of "Storytelling with Data", Cole Knaflic is challenging her followers to a specific data visualization challenge each month. January's challenge is using annotations on a line chart to tell a story. I chose to focus on fatal traffic incidents involving distracted drivers. Read about my thought process and analysis in this post.

Chicken is King

So here we are. 2018 is here and so begins a new year of the popular dataviz community project, #MakeoverMonday. I'm putting my full amount of effort into completing all 52 weeks this year and blogging on at least half of them. So let's get started. American Meat consumption per capita by year. Here is a picture... Continue Reading →

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