The Most Metal Viz of All-Time

In June 2017, Rolling Stone magazine released their all-encompassing list of the greatest metal albums of all-time. Because these lists are inherently subjective, I wanted to see what data behind the albums looked like.


The Hottest of the Hot 100

I'm back with a new music viz. I could be stuck on this dataset for a few more vizzes. It's well known that I'm a fan of all music. One of the many things I listen to is top 40. Actually, the Slacker Top 40, to be specific (more on that in a future viz... Continue Reading →

Spotify Saved Tracks

I'm back with another music viz. I'm quickly realizing that I certainly have a theme with my personal vizzes. Music Sports I've said it before, I think. I have a deep, visceral view towards music. It is one of the greatest inventions of human expression I can think of. It's also so personal to each... Continue Reading →

And the Nominees are…

The Grammys are you set to air on Sunday, Feb. 12 on CBS. I've always enjoyed watching the award show. I used to watch every year when I was a young'en. Now life is busier and news is easier to acquire, so I haven't sat and watched in several years now. But that hasn't stopped... Continue Reading →

Diamonds in the Rough

What's up? I'm back with another music viz for you all. The other day I stumbled upon an article¬†on by Andrew Unterberger¬†ranking 88 diamond certified albums. There were a few caveats but the fact remains, it's a stellar list of some of the greatest albums ever released. Literally, in order to be diamond certified,... Continue Reading →

Music Makes the World Go ‘Round

For my first viz on my new shiny blog I wanted to dive into something that I care passionately about. There were many possibilities, including but not limited to: Music Baseball Football Something Science-y Something regarding my awesome hometown of KCMO (Gotta rep the town!) I settled on doing a music viz because I love... Continue Reading →

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