Where do the majority of outbreaks occur?

Earlier this year, Lindsay Betzendahl started a new initiative and Tableau Public community project called #ProjectHealthViz. It’s an awesome project that centers around visualizing health related data. Being that I’m active in the Tableau Public community AND that I work at Cerner, it only makes sense that I start participating!

November, Lindsay found a dataset related to historical biological illness outbreaks tracked by the CDC.

Check out my viz!


Let me tell…MAN! was this data messy! Each row was an outbreak and it had supportive detail but the outbreak type field was not standardized in the slightest. I struggled to narrow it down to a story due to this aspect so I chose to keep it high level. I did prep the data a bit in Tableau Prep first to group the outbreak types into something more useable.

I chose to aggregate the data at the state and year level. I was really curious if there are more outbreak prone states than others. And it turns out, there are. I visualized this by way of the bump chart to show change in rank over time.

Check out the interactive version and let me know what stories you find!





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