Rolling Three Month Sales

As a part of my 2018 #Vizgoals, I've committed myself to completing all 52 weeks of the #WorkoutWednesday challenge. This weekly challenge was started by Andy Kriebel and Emma Whyte in 2017 and is being carried on by Rody Zachovich and Luke Stanke. The mission is simple: Test your technical Tableau knowledge I've decided that... Continue Reading →


Household Income

Episode 3: Census Data ...And we're back for another week of #MakeoverMonday. This week we are looking at U.S. Census data! Yes, that deserves an exclamation point because this is such a rich and dense dataset that it, probably, the most widely used, no CITED, dataset in the U.S. I have no data to back... Continue Reading →

Distracted Drivers

This year, acclaimed author of "Storytelling with Data", Cole Knaflic is challenging her followers to a specific data visualization challenge each month. January's challenge is using annotations on a line chart to tell a story. I chose to focus on fatal traffic incidents involving distracted drivers. Read about my thought process and analysis in this post.

Looks vs Personality

Week 2 of Makeover Monday brings us survey data from that looks at how men and women rank 6 different characteristics on importance when looking for a romantic partner. Here is the original chart that inspired the makeover What works well I like the title, it's very descriptive The colors are nice and aren't... Continue Reading →

Chicken is King

So here we are. 2018 is here and so begins a new year of the popular dataviz community project, #MakeoverMonday. I'm putting my full amount of effort into completing all 52 weeks this year and blogging on at least half of them. So let's get started. American Meat consumption per capita by year. Here is a picture... Continue Reading →

DataViz Blog Structure

If you read my post regarding my 2018 goals, then you know I'm getting serious about blogging more. Well, I feel like I need to let my readers know a little more about me and what to expect. I'm not talking about "long walk on the beach" type of stuff, though there might be a... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Goals

I've never really done resolutions before or put my goals on "paper." That changes in 2018. Here's what I'm going to be up to in 2018 from a professional/dataviz prospective. Come along this journey with me!

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