New Year, New Goals

I've never really done resolutions before or put my goals on "paper." That changes in 2018. Here's what I'm going to be up to in 2018 from a professional/dataviz prospective. Come along this journey with me!

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Where do the majority of outbreaks occur?

Earlier this year, Lindsay Betzendahl started a new initiative and Tableau Public community project called #ProjectHealthViz. It's an awesome project that centers around visualizing health related data. Being that I'm active in the Tableau Public community AND that I work at Cerner, it only makes sense that I start participating! November, Lindsay found a dataset... Continue Reading →

Tableau Conference recap

Wow! Just WOW! Another TC has come and gone and with it, another week of inspiration, injection and good 'ole fashioned gumption It's pretty difficult to come away from TC without having new tips and tricks in your Tableau arsenal or without a few new ideas of how to solve that pesky calculated field that's... Continue Reading →

Bring the Heat

Scenario: Your chilling at home one evening scrolling through Twitter when you read an interesting tweet. Something about that tweet piques your interest and if you're a #dataviz person like me, your first thought is "how can I visualize this?" then you might ask yourself "does data exist?" or "how hard would it be to... Continue Reading →

Tourism Density

For week 24 of #MakeoverMonday, we're looking at Tourism Density for select countries around the world. The data comes to us from Intrepid Travel. Here's how they originally visualized this data: What works well I like the panel/grid look They did a good job separating the two categories of countries There's a lot of text... Continue Reading →

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