How to create a KPI switchboard in Tableau | #WorkoutWednesday | 2019 | 30

With the release of 2018.3, Tableau released the long awaited "dashboard button" functionality which opens SO MANY new capabilities when creating dashboards. Prior to this release, the only way to hack your way to a dashboard button was using a dashboard filter action. And while that was a nice and could get you out of... Continue Reading →


Woodstock: A Data Biography | #Ironviz | 2019 | Music Feeder

Here we are. #Ironviz season is in full swing and the theme for this feeder is something I'm quite passionate about: Music I do love music, my first viz ever on Tableau Public was music-focused. My Heavy Metal viz was recently featured by Tableau for the Music + Data campaign and I have more than... Continue Reading →

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