New Year, New Goals

I've never really done resolutions before or put my goals on "paper." That changes in 2018. Here's what I'm going to be up to in 2018 from a professional/dataviz prospective. Come along this journey with me!

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How to create Jitter plots, Calendars, and Set Actions in Tableau | #WorkoutWendesday | 2019 | 2

If there's one thing that Ann is consistent with, it's her color palettes. Rarely, does she ever use the default "Tableau 10" palette and among her top favorites is definitely Nuriel Stone. And I must admit, it's a really nice. (Sidebar: I actually had the opportunity to meet with and talk to Nuriel at TC18... Continue Reading →

Who are the Nobel Laureates

After 51 weeks, we've finally made it to the last week #WorkoutWednesday for 2018. Ann is back for this challenge and she's GONE ROGUE!!! No, just kidding, but she did stray away from the Superstore Sales dataset which is pretty cool. So here's the challenge and a screenshot of the final dashboard: I've noticed this... Continue Reading →

#WorkoutWednesday 2018 | 50

Luke is back this week for another real-world challenge. Let's take a look. In the intro, Luke mentions that this was an actual chart he had to build for a client recently. I really like that Luke's last two challenges have been recreations of client requests. This fits nicely into the essence of what #WorkoutWednesday... Continue Reading →

How popular is Major League Soccer?

There's no shortage of fun, new Tableau Public projects to join in on. One of those projects that I've been meaning to get involved with but haven't had to time is #SportsVizSunday A fun new initiative centered guessed it...sports data. I've been wanting to join for a while and there's no better time to start... Continue Reading →

Where do the majority of outbreaks occur?

Earlier this year, Lindsay Betzendahl started a new initiative and Tableau Public community project called #ProjectHealthViz. It's an awesome project that centers around visualizing health related data. Being that I'm active in the Tableau Public community AND that I work at Cerner, it only makes sense that I start participating! November, Lindsay found a dataset... Continue Reading →

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