How to make your population pyramids POP! in Tableau

This past week, I was working with client and they were literally describing a population pyramid. So, being the inquisitive and observant guy that I am, I said, "It sounds like you want a population pyramid" To which they replied, "well, every time we have this discussion we tend to steer away from the pyramids... Continue Reading →


How to create a dynamic candlestick chart in Tableau | #WorkoutWednesday | 2019 | 13

We've made it through 12 weeks of #WorkoutWednesday2019 and we've yet to have a challenge that the overwhelming majority of the community has agreed was very difficult. And then, enter stage right, Luke Stanke with a candlestick challenge for week 13. He even said it in challenge intro, "This is very difficult." And he even... Continue Reading →

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